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The Twists & Turns of Matrimony and Murder

The Twists & Turns of Matrimony and Murder sets somewhere between the stories of Prince Charming and War of the Roses. Constance Merriweather remembered the part of her wedding vows about for better or for worse. During and after the ceremony she smiled and played kissy-face while steeling herself for the expected worse. Frank Merriweather thought he was getting the better, but soon learned he was mistaken. The two of them settled in to co-exist in their matrimonial forest. Then came the murder. Everyone knew who was dead, but no one knew for certain who was supposed to be dead. And, of course, who committed the murder was complicated by whether the actual victim was the intended victim.

This novel enjoys 13 reader reviews with 4.5 average stars on Amazon as of 18 February 2018. (Published Dec 2017)

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