Maddie Richards Mystery Series

The novels of the Maddie Richards Mystery Series have appeared many times on the Amazon Bestselling lists.

The Beholder, a Maddie Richards Mystery

Maddie Richards is an efficient and resourceful detective with a secret wish that she could handle her messy personal life as well as she handles her work life. As a homicide sergeant for the Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department she has one of the highest solve rates in America. Her success leads the chief of police to assign her a serial killer case. Some sicko the press calls The Beholder is killing beautiful women. Her chief describes the case as “as career maker or breaker, get me?”.

Quotes from The Beholder:

“If fast food restaurants sold men, he would be the ninety-nine-cent special.”
“Murders like this stuck to your heart like barnacles to the hull of a ship. You just knew they changed you, knew they had to, even without knowing how or how much.”
“So you’d rather have a can of beer with a bowl of pork rinds and your feet dangling out of the back of John Boy’s pickup?”
Maddie started eating Reese’s Pieces, “I’d rather snack on a man, but they don’t come in a bag you can pop in your purse for later.
The night chill climbed her cheeks to draw the moisture from her eyes.
Dink came toward me sucking on a straw stuck into a soda cup the size of a desert canteen. I recognized him from his white socks and toe-out stride developed through a lifetime of being pudgy plus.
“I’ve considered getting a three-line summary printed on a T-shirt: Cop. Divorced. Horney.”

This novel enjoys 267 reader reviews with 4.4 average stars on Amazon as of Feb. 9, 2016. (Re-published Jan. 2014)

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Death of a Bankster, a Maddie Richards Mystery

Maddie Richards finds herself in the middle of a case which starts with the sights and sounds of just another murder investigation. A woman claims her husband, a banker, was murdered. Later, Maddie learns that the woman had started divorce proceedings the day before she claims a bullet had taken her husband from her. The murder greased her path to not only ending her marriage, but negating any need to divide their marital property. Then the wheels come off and nothing about Maddie’s case is what it seems.
Along the path of the case Maddie meets the most fascinating man she has ever encountered. Little did she realize what a major role the man would play in her investigation and the culmination of the  case.

Quotes from Death of a Bankster:

“Relax, Paige. Relax. Nothing is worth getting in such a dither. Sit down. I’ll get you some coffee. Oh, I see you’ve already made some. So, the bottle has not completely replaced the bean in your mornings.”“Your father had affairs. God rest his soul. I just love your new rug in the entryway. Persian?”
“Screw the damn rug, Mother!”
“Drink your coffee, dear. I put hazelnut creamer in it. Does that shock you? Your father having affairs, I mean, not my putting hazelnut creamer in your coffee.”

This novel enjoys 201 reader reviews with 4.0 average stars on Amazon as of Feb. 9, 2016. (Published Dec. 2013)

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