Linda Darby Mystery Series

Linda Darby mysteries have reached these coveted rankings on Amazon’s bestselling lists: #1 in Mystery-Series, f#1 for Political-Thrillers, and #1 for American Drama.

The Woman, A Linda Darby Novel

There are approximately 160 million women living in America. This is the story of just one woman and the events that change who she is, what she thinks, and how she will live the remainder of her life.

Linda Darby is a seven-year divorcee, living quietly in a small let-the-world-go-by beach town on the coast of Oregon, who day trades for a living. Her only close friend is a widowed elderly woman who manages a small consulting company which, as is later discovered, never has visitors, sends and receives its business correspondence only by courier, and is not listed in any phone directories. No one in town knows what kind of consulting the company does, but the rumor is that whatever they do, they do it for the government.

Quotes from The Woman:

“Then Linda Darby went out the door to go for a walk, and nothing for her would ever again be the same.”
“She had grown up knowing only that she did not want to become her mother: housedresses, housecleaning, and a butt too wide. That mindset had led to her present state, an ex-husband and enough one-night stands to have stopped counting.”
“Every day aged her, gradually but definitely, but her mind knew. Men still noticed her. Thank God. She hoped they always would, but one day they wouldn’t, at least not in the same way.”

This novel enjoys 742 reader reviews with 4.4 average stars on Amazon as of Feb. 9, 2016. (Published Nov. 2013)

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Hometown Secrets, A Linda Darby Novel

The long awaited sequel to the first Linda Darby suspense mystery, THE WOMAN, has been released. And Ryan Testler, is back with her again.

Memories are funny things. The way they quietly hang around. Linger. Waiting for something we see or hear, or an unexpected event to slam them forward into our consciousness. To strike us the way headlights assault a dark road. Some memories bring along a smile, others foreshadow danger and there are those which cry out for resolution. All of this is true for Linda Darby.

Linda wonders if she might again be lured into her first lover’s bed. As the pace quickens she does find love, along with friendship, fear, danger, and opportunity. Clashes of personality and conflicts between the agendas of the principal characters eventually coalesce in ways Linda never anticipated.

Quotes from Hometown Secrets:

“I love fiction. Often it is more alive, and always more magical than real life.”
“Mother wasn’t a bad person, simply joyless. Had they lived near the storied seven dwarfs, her mother would have hung around with Grumpy, not Happy.”
“As Linda grew into adolescence and beyond, the primary issue wedged between her and her mother was men. Her mother’s burnt toast view of them versus Linda’s desire to be a warm, buttered muffin.”
“In the quiet turnings of her own emotions, does a woman ever fully let go of her first lover?”

This novel enjoys 150 reader reviews with 4.2 average stars on Amazon as of Feb. 9, 2016. (Published Mar. 2015)

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The First Lady’s Second Man, A Linda Darby Novel

An assassination is planned in Syria. An extramarital affair occurs in Washington, D.C. The U.S. President decides to run for a second term. A mother and her daughter in Oregon are threatened. Relentlessly, Linda Darby and Ryan Testler are pulled toward these seemingly disparate events until their only way out is to confront what is quickly becoming unavoidable.

Quotes from The First Lady’s Second Man:

“Why does life have to be so damn complicated? I’ll be thirty-nine this year and all the stuff I thought I’d figured out at twenty is now a jumbled mess. Is everybody’s life so emotionally scattered, or just mine?”
“The name badge hanging on the desk clerk’s yellow blouse made it sag unevenly on one side, pulling it open to a measure that fell between shy and brazen, her visible chest skin dotted with freckles. A Becky Thatcher with bigger, bolder boobs.”
“Make no mistake. The decision you make tonight, in this room, will kill someone. Either you’ll act to kill a man who deserves to die, or your inaction will end the life of another who doesn’t deserve to die.”
“After a moment she found her shoes, the second one in the space between the bed and the wall. On the mattress lay several neat, modest sized rubber-banded bundles of cash. A down payment he had said for a murder Linda had no intention of performing.”

This novel enjoys 742 reader reviews with 5.0 average stars on Amazon as of Nov 1st, 2016. (Published Oct 2016)

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Heart Strike, a Linda Darby and Ryan Testler Novel

America has a new president, Robert Wellington. Like several presidents before him, President Wellington inherits an old problem—the Middle East, but he has a new solution: The Wellington Doctrine. He selects a man outside diplomatic channels, Ryan Testler, to quietly carry the draft of that doctrine to the leaders of Europe and the Middle East. Accompanied by Linda Darby, Ryan travels as a tourist seeing the sights and powerful leaders of foreign governments. As word of his mission leaks, he and Linda are followed, accosted, and threatened. The fate of The Wellington Doctrine and, perhaps, the resolution of America’s entanglement in the Middle East hangs on Ryan and Linda surviving and succeeding.

This novel enjoys 20 reader reviews with 4.6 average stars on Amazon as of 14 June 2020. (To be Published 3 Nov 2018)

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