Jack McCall Mystery Series

The Blackmail Club in this series is a past #1 bestselling mystery series novel and has been as high as #53 bestselling among all books in the Amazon Kindle Store. The Third Coincidence was published by a traditional publisher. Details on its success is not available to David Bishop.


The Third Coincidence, a Jack McCall Thriller

Jack McCall is called in after two U.S. Supreme Court Justices and one Federal Reserve Bank Governor are found dead within two weeks. President Samuel Schroeder asks Jack, a veteran intelligence officer and currently an assistant to the Director of the CIA, to head up a special multi agency task force to find the killers. The FBI, having lost its bid to lead the investigation, designates as its representative, Rachel Johnstone, an agent with whom Jack has some personal history. The Third Coincidence unfolds amidst continued assassinations, confirmation hearings for nominees to fill the vacancies on the Court and Federal Reserve Bank Board, political talk shows, a collapsing stock market, and the struggle of the Supreme Court to sustain a quorum.

This novel enjoys 164 reader reviews with 4.3 average stars on Amazon as of Feb. 9, 2016.(Published Feb. 2012)

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Walk on a roof edge

The Blackmail Club, a Jack McCall Mystery

Washington, D.C., is a town full of powerful people hiding ugly secrets. The blackmailer, a renaissance man, keeps his promise: pay me, I’ll return the evidence of your indiscretions and illegalities, and you’ll never hear from me again. His victims, having paid and not been further extorted are reticent to admit having been blackmailed.

Jack McCall, a former operative for the U.S. intelligence community and now a private investigator is assisted by  Nora Burke, his sexy assistant, and Max Logan, a retired detective of Irish-Scottish parentage.

Chock full of colorful characters from the worlds of politics, art, and the media. The Blackmail Club is a cerebral, physical, and sexy five-course gourmet meal of mystery. Sit back and fasten your seat belt, relax, and be entertained while you try to fit together the final pieces before you turn the final pages.

Quotes from The Blackmail Club:

A lifetime of accumulated ink stains, and one stubborn spot of mustard disappeared as the green felt desk pad sopped red.
The man tilted back the umbrella. The couple kissed, giggled, and moved on leaving Jack with his memories and diluting whiskey.
Jack watched Nora’s legs as she worked the pedals. She had small feet with red painted toenails revealed by her open-toed black pumps.
Jack looked up to see a young man with a thin face. He wore sunglasses and sported a neck hickey.
The middle-aged frumpish looking woman had jowls which drooped as if her mouth were saving quarters.
She wore a clingy blue dress brought to life by the blossoms and narrows of her body.
“Drop the Andujar case or next time we’ll hand you your pecker in a paper bag.”
The doc leaned close, his cheeks sagging like soft sacks of pudding.
The bartender, a woman wearing an unbuttoned leather vest open over her tanned chest, looked at him like he was a used car she wouldn’t want to test drive.

This novel has 274 reader reviews with 4.4 average stars on Amazon as of Feb. 9, 2016. (Published Dec. 2013)

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Game of Masks, a Jack McCall Mystery

Amy O’Sullivan finds an invitation to a masquerade dinner party in her refrigerator, balanced atop a bottle of pinot grigio. If she accepts the invitation, Amy will be picked up by a limousine. She and four competing strangers must wear masks to the party. The winner will receive a choice of either fifty thousand dollars cash or a free murder of anyone the winner designates. Amy could certainly use the money. She also has a person she’d love to see dead. Life is choices and Amy has one to make.

As complications set in, Jack McCall is brought in by Amy’s uncle, Max Logan, a staff detective in McCall Investigations.

To find the solution to what it’s all about, Jack will travel halfway around the world. Come along.

This novel has 5 reader reviews with 4.3 average stars on Amazon as of 13 Jan 2020. (Published Nov. 2019)

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Ladies Lunch Club Murders-300

Ladies Lunch Club Murders, a Jack McCall Mystery

Someone is murdering the retired ladies of the lunch club. Jack McCall, ably assisted by Nora Burke and Max Logan, is hired by the governor—the brother of one of the victims. At the start it seems a cushy job: Nice weather, good pay, and an attractive Florida State cop is assigned to assist Jack. But, in typical Jack McCall fashion, this murder case quickly turns screwy.

This novel has 3 reader reviews with 5.0 average stars on Amazon as of 13 Jan 2020. (Published Dec. 2019)

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Responses to Jack McCall Mystery Series

  1. Hi David,
    Well I finished the Third Coincidence and enjoyed the story very much. Good plotting, dialogue and tension. I like the way you headliine each chapter. I just downloaded The Woman.
    How do you promote your books to get on the Amazon best seller list?
    I will be attending the Thrillfest so if you’re going, I’ll catch up with you. My short story 666 Kendall Drive is now on Amazon along with the first two chapters from my upcoming Double Trouble.
    Best of luck.


  2. Jeffrey Walters

    Just finished reading The Third Coincidence. Great
    read, characters, settings etc.
    Only suggestion would of been at end. Killer dies thin. king he killed chief justice. Dont want villin to know he died his dads hero. Would of also suggested the hero leaning down and whispering the final chessmove and saying checkmate. so heknows he lost game and his life

  3. David,
    Just discovered your work. I have read Who Killed Garson Talmadge and now am reading The Original Alibi. Love your writing style. I find it somewhere between Robert B. Parker and Michael Connelly. I read and have read most of what they have written. Glad to have another mystery writer in my quiver.

    Carolyn Tardy

    • Hi, again, Carolyn: I’m pleased you enjoyed The Blackmail Club, and Who Murdered Garson Talmadge. I see you are reading The Original Alibi. The third Matt Kile mystery, this one a short story, Money & Murder will be out in midish November 2012, in about three weeks. Have you posted Amazon reader reviews on these books? If not, would you consider doing so. Those 50star ratings on Amazon help give the confidence needed to a reader who is considering me for the first time. Thanks and please stay in touch. My email is david@davidbishopbooks.com David

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