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  1. Alice Manthey

    From which novel are the added three chapters in The Third Coincidence?

  2. I would like to know where the 3 chapters came from, too, at the end of The Third Coincidence?

    • Hello Peggy Long: I am not able to tell you. This book was published by Oceanview Publishing and they control these things. They often, including this time, do things without talking with me. The Third Coincidence is my only book to go through them. I wish I could be more informative. I have written them and as of yet have not heard back. I hope you enjoyed The Third Coincidence. I can be reached directly at my email

      ~ David

  3. Can’t wait for Heart Strike to be finished. I have missed getting new books more frequently but certainly understand. You are one of my favorite authors liking Ryan Testler and Jack McCall the best but I have also miss the Matt Kile books. Hope all is going well and will get Heart Strike as soon as it is released

    • Heart Strike will release in the coming weeks. After that, I’ll writing now a 3rd Jack McCall novel that should come out in the spring of 2019. Thanks for your continuing interest in my stories. Please post reviews on my books you read on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Thanks. David

  4. I would love to read ‘Heart Strike’! I look forward to its release .

  5. I look forward to reading your books! Thank you!🐱♥️🦋

  6. Pre-ordered and read Heart Strike and was NOT disappointed. It was definitely worth the wait. I can’t wait to see what you are going to do with Ryan and Linda’s relationship in light of his new job with the President. Actually downloaded Heart Strike the same time as another well known author and read HS first. I sure enjoy your stories and am looking forward to the spring 2019 book. I will pre-order as soon as it is posted. Phil

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