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Your thoughts will influence how I write the characters and plots in future stories so I would love to hear from you after you read each one of my novels. Tell me if the plot held your interest and which characters you would like me to feature in future stories. Maybe a secondary character you would like to see in a bigger role in the next book. My primary objective is to entertain you through my mysteries and to invent people you enjoy. Did I succeed?

Please post reviews on my books you have read on Amazon and/or Goodreads as you prefer. These are important and I appreciate your doing it.

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Thank you for reading,  David Bishop

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  1. Hi, I live in the Villages, and I know you will enjoy moving here. I am also an advid mystery reader. I’m glad to hear about your books since I’m always looking for new authors.

  2. I just read your book the woman I just want to say I am a avid reader (no tv for me) I am 62 years old and I read everyday I just got a kindle fire and downloaded your book for free I have to say I saved it for last to read (figured it would b boring because it was free) I could not put it down I loved it I have put you up there with my favorite author John lecorast I am looking forward to reading more of your books

  3. I have just finished The Woman, via my Kindle. It was totally enjoyable, and you deserve to know that. The characters were quirky and the pace was fast without ‘losing the plot’. Thanks for the great writing. I’ll be reading more of you.

  4. I just finished The Woman via my kindle and have to admit it isn’t the normal type of book I read however I found that I couldn’t put this book down and wanted to find out what was going to happen next and how it was going to end. I look forward to reading more of your books.

  5. I just finished reading The Woman and was so surprised and excited about the book. It was very easy to read. Not so many characters that I couldn’t keep them all straight. The plot was great……fast moving and I couldn’t guess the ending or for that matter, the next page. lol

    I loved Ryan..I see there are other books with him in it (I plan to read them all). Also liked Linda and was thrilled to see that she and Clark “hit it off”. Maybe this was a romance book, but I liked that it wasn’t “girlie romance”….

    You are my favorite new author and I plan to check out the rest of your books. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of writing with all of us.

  6. Definitely, what a fantastic website and informative posts, I definitely will bookmark your blog.All the Best! bfdfccbbkcfe

  7. I just finished the two Maddie Richards novels found on my inherited kindle. I am never sure until the end, unlike so many mysteries, where I suspect from the first time the character is introduced. I would love to see more Maddie but whatever you write I will read.

  8. Marlena Chevillet

    i just finished THE WOMAN and was impressed with the way you put together the plot. I love how strong Linda got thru out the story and would love to see Ryan and Clark in a future book. I especially love when the bad guys get dead at the end. Your newest fan from MA.

  9. I really enjoyed The Woman, Downloaded it to read on holiday and day 2 had finished it, would like to know more about Clark/Gene and the friendship with Ryan.

  10. I just finished The Woman and I enjoyed it very much. I am going to purchase your next book. You do an amazing job writing about a lot of bad people, bad cops, bad politicians, bad government, even good guys with a nasty streak….I think in light of current events, it would be nice to have some good so our heros, even in books, aren’t also the bad guys.

  11. Dear David, I just checked Amazon for The Day We Had Murder and my enthusiastic 5-star review is posted, if you would like to read it.
    Gary (avid reader)

    • HI, Gary: Thanks for the 5-star review on The Day We Had Murder. That was Matt Kile #7. Have you read the other six? Are you subscribed to my newsletter so you’ll get notice on specials on my stories? If not, go to this website and sign up.

  12. Carrol Sullivan

    Hi David,
    Just finished your book, The Maltese Dragon, which I chose for our book club as my selection. I am having trouble finding questions that may stimulate the discussion of the book and wondered if you would be so kind as to give me some hints in this regard. We live on Westmoreland Loop in Duval. By the way I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

  13. Carrol Sullivan

    Hi David,
    I just finished your novel, The Maltese Pigeon, which I chose for our book club as my selection. I am having trouble finding questions online to prompt the discussion of the book and wondered if you would be so kind as to give me some hints in this regard. I live on Westmoreland Loop in Duval. By the way I thoroughly enjoyed your book and I am sure most everyone in our group did also.

  14. After reading hundreds of romance novels, I was intrigued by the cover and title of the first Linda Darby book, The Woman. Not realizing that the author was a man, once I got to the end of the book, the way it was written it made sense that the author was a man. After reading all three in the series I wanted to comment on the lack of emotional scenes left out of the books especially the last one. Even though I love the books and was very interested in the plots I wonder how much more the books could be with more of Linda’s feelings explored. For example, how does she feel when she sees Dax after being absent for 6 months and finds he has been dating her best friend and neither of them seemed to think it important enough to let her know? I know she was ok with Vera dating him but only after she had decided he wasn’t the one for her. And though Ryan says he knew she had a daughter it never says she ever told him that Steffi is his daughter. How does he feel about that? Does he care? Does he love her and want to have a relationship with her? Does the daughter know this is her father and how does she feel about that? The books seem to say “Just the facts, ma’am” and leave all the emotional feelings out of the story telling. I loved the books enough to continue to read more but would still love to see more of Linda’s feelings on Ryan and her daughter explored. Just my two cents worth which is not worth much! Thanks

    • Hi Pamela Tucker: Thanks for reading my books and your interest in posting a review. Yes, I could have added a bit more on Linda feelings. I did so where I felt it necessary, but could be more. However, let me clarify something. Nothing in the stories said that Ryan was the father of Linda’s daughter. As told the story indicated that Linda met Ryan several years after her daughter was born. Bottom line: this is did apparently affect your enjoyment of the story so it was no big deal, but I did want to clarify it for you. I am currently working on Linda Darby / Ryan Testler story #4 that will be out later this year. May I suggest you give a look to my Matt Kile Mystery Series. In this series Matt feelings about and for his ex-wife are dealt with more along the lines you referred to.
      I appreciate you, Thanks. David Bishop

  15. I just finished reading the 3 Linda Darby, Ryan Testler books and I loved them.
    I will now look into your other books
    Thank You for the great reads

  16. Do you plan to write more in the Linda Darby and Ryan Testler series? I read them all and really enjoyed them.

  17. When is the new Linda Darby book Heart Strike going to be realeased? I love this series!

  18. I just finished reading “Judge Snider’s Folly.” I loved it. You have a new fan.

  19. I just finished The Woman, which I enjoyed. (It was a free ebook on Kobo to introduce readers to new authors.) I went back to the Kobo website to check out the rest of the series, and they weren’t listed. Do you sell only through Amazon? I try to get all of a series on the same app; saves me from accidentally buying it twice.

  20. I love your books and look forward to each new one!

  21. Loved reading your book “The Woman”.
    Could not put it down!

  22. Who murdered Garson Talmage? Just finished my first David Bishop. Solid writing. Good character development. Intersting indights into the humsn condition. Enough twists without being hard to follow. Enjoyed it a great deal. Will be reading more of your work

  23. Debbie L. Folmar

    I am reading “The Woman”….and confused when Linda and Ryan stop to eat in Vegas at “Nob Hill”…..another Nob Hill in story when she was at Nob Hill in Seattle? Maybe I’m confused. This is in Chapter 37…..

    • Hi, Debbie: Sorry I’m a little late in replying. Feel free to use my email I check it daily, but the website infrequently. Anyway, Nob Hill is a neighborhood in the Seattle area, hence that reference when she was there. Nob Hill has been a high-class area in lots of neighbohoods over the past 150 years so the hotel in Vegas used the name for that image. On reflection I could have avoided your confusion by using a different name than using them both in the two contexts. Sorry for the confusion. Thank you for being a loyal reader. I appreciate you. Also, there are three more Linda Darby novels: Hometown Secrets, The First Lady’s Second Man, and Heart Strike. Please read more and then share your thoughts using my email if you prefer. Thanks for your interest in my stories. Regards, David Bishop

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