David Bishop's Two Latest Releases : The Twists & Turns of Matrimony and Murder and Scandalous Behavior

The Twists & Turns of Matrimony and Murder
Released December 2017

The Twists & Turns of Matrimony and Murder - A David Bishop Mystery Novel

The Twists & Turns of Matrimony and Murder sets somewhere between the stories of Prince Charming and War of the Roses. Constance Merriweather remembered the part of her wedding vows about for better or for worse. During and after the ceremony she smiled and played kissy-face while steeling herself for the expected worse. Frank Merriweather thought he was getting the better, but soon learned he was mistaken. The two of them settled in to co-exist in their matrimonial forest. Then came the murder. Everyone knew who was dead, but no one knew for certain who was supposed to be dead. And, of course, who committed the murder was complicated by whether the actual victim was the intended victim.

Scandalous Behavior. A novelette (By Matt Kile and David Bishop)
Released November 2017

Scandalous Behavior. A novelette

Written by fictional detective Matt Kile, in collaboration with his creator, master mystery writer David Bishop. This novelette tells the story of a regular, hardworking, salt-of-the-earth guy.

He pays his bills, loves his mother, and lives by the rules. Then he meets Mary and everything changes. Scandalous Behavior is a mystery and a story of American Drama. The second in the collaboration of Matt Kile and David Bishop.

Coming Soon

Heart Strike

Expected Release Date: Sep/Oct 2018

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Heart-Strike - A Linda Darby and Ryan Testler Novel

America has a new president, Robert Wellington. Like several presidents before him, President Wellington inherits an old problem—the Middle East, but he has a new solution: The Wellington Doctrine. He selects a man outside diplomatic channels, Ryan Testler, to quietly carry the draft of that doctrine to the leaders of Europe and the Middle East. Accompanied by Linda Darby, Ryan travels as a tourist seeing the sights and powerful leaders of foreign governments. As word of his mission leaks, he and Linda are followed, accosted, and threatened. The fate of The Wellington Doctrine and, perhaps, the resolution of America’s entanglement in the Middle East hangs on Ryan and Linda surviving and succeeding.