Find My Little Sister: David Bishop’s Latest Novel

Released January 27, 2014

Find My Little Sister, A Matt Kile Mystery

David Bishop’s latest novel in the Matt Kile series. A Love Story Wrapped in Historical Mystery.

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Find My Little Sister - A David Bishop Mystery Novel In 1938, Frances Hopkins ran away from home to chase the glitz of movie stars and the titillation of rubbing shoulders with gangsters. Her older sister, Calandra, hires Matt Kile to help locate Frances and bring her home safely. Matt and Callie soon find themselves embroiled in a torrid romance wrapped in the magic of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Colorful fictional characters from the pen of David Bishop are sprinkled among the famous and infamous of that era. Lovers of the movie, L.A. Confidential, the T.V. series, Boardwalk Empire, and the wide-ranging era of prohibition, illegal gambling, and Tommy guns, will love this Matt Kile Mystery—and love story.

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