David Bishop’s Latest Release:

Judge Snider’s Folly, a Matt Kile Mystery (book six)
Released April 2016

Judge Snider's Folley - A David Bishop Mystery Novel

Seven years ago, Judge Leland Snider convicted Matt Kile of second degree homicide for shooting to death a killer and rapist Judge Snider had released on a technicality. That conviction ended Matt’s career as a homicide detective. He went to state prison where he met Axel, and began his second career as a mystery novelist. Four years later, Matt was paroled by the governor with a full restoration of his rights. Judge Snider has a young pretty woman in his lonely life, and she’s too much of a mystery for the judge. Despite their contentious past, the Judge hires Matt Kile to discover what causes Carleen to periodically disappear for weeks at a time. Where does she go? Why does she go? Who is she with? Carleen’s trail leads Matt and the judge where neither of them could have ever imagined. Will the judge live happily ever after? Will Matt reconcile with his ex-wife, Helen, or continue his dalliances?